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Meet our Mentors.

At the heart of our team are our mentors. Each of our mentors is hand selected for her expertise and teaching experience, as well as her commitment to our mission. Our mentors seek to inspire the next generation of girls as they embark on their journey in computer science.

Unparalleled levels of teaching experience and expertise


Excitement that jumps through the screen 


Commitment to inspiring young girls to pursue their goals


Diverse team of mentors so that everyone feels included




I’m from Tokyo, Japan, and am currently pursuing a BS and MS in Computer Science at Stanford. I’m very interested in climate tech, and in particular, the applications of tech in sustainable agricultural practices. I’ve been a teaching assistant for introductory CS classes at Stanford, and I also have experience teaching to Title 1 high school students through a Stanford Digital Education program. In my free time I love to be active outdoors and I’m currently training for an Ironman!

Specialty: Web Design, Visual Design, Scratch

Favorite Project: building a tool that allows journalists to create a TikTok style travel video from a travel itinerary article!



I am a recent graduate from UC Berkeley who studied Cognitive Science and Data Science. I'm originally from San Jose, CA. I started teaching computer science about a year ago and have taught at both Berkeley and Stanford. Aside from teaching, I enjoy playing the drums, guitar, running, photography, K-Pop, and going to the beach with friends! Providing accessibility in computer science is something I’m super passionate about, so I’m excited to be a mentor!

Specialty: Big Data, Accessibility, Scratch, Intro Coding, Python

Favorite Project: recreating the game 2048



I'm a junior and coterm student in CS and math at Stanford. I am a TA for CS106B and CS106A, the largest computer science classes at Stanford. Previously, I have helped design algorithms for efficient organ donation and positive reframing of texts for emotional well-being using NLP technique. I am currently building a cryptographic system for the carbon market. I am very passionate about biotech and security! I'm a strong proponent that CS is more cool and creative than people realize. Outside of classes, I love running, dancing, and playing tennis. 

Specialty: ML, AI, Cryptocurrency, Fintech

Favorite Project: Efficient algorithm for organ donation



I recently graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in Computer Science . Born and raised in Oakland, CA, I've always valued community and empowerment. This summer, I'll be interning as a front-end developer at IBM where I'm excited to gain industry experience. In the fall, I'll be starting my Master's degree while also enjoying time with my two cockatiels, Garbanzo and Frijole, who can actually whistle the Adams Family theme song! I look forward to sharing my knowledge, learning from you, and finding new ways to make a positive impact.

Specialty: Web Design, UI, Scratch

Favorite Project: building and designing an interactive personal website about myself



I’m a senior, co-terminal student at Stanford University, pursuing both a BS and MS in Computer Science. I am passionate about inspiring young women, especially women from marginalized backgrounds, to pursue interests related to programming. At Stanford, I work as an undergraduate teaching assistant for two introductory computer science courses. I’ve interned at both Microsoft and Apple. I am excited to share mentorship, advice, and support with anyone looking to further explore the field of computer science!

Specialty: Python, C++, Systems

Favorite Project: building a compiler in a language called COOL



I am a Stanford senior from Santa Monica, CA studying computer science, human-computer interaction, and UI/UX. I'm very interested in technology for education and social computing. I have a variety of teaching experiences, especially with those learning to code for the first time. I've done everything from being a summer mentor for the Girls Code program to being a course assistant for Stanford’s design-intensive CS course, CS 147. Outside of school, I love singing karaoke with friends, playing piano, and seeing live bands on-campus!

Specialty: Web Apps, UI/UX, Social Computing, Intro Coding

Favorite Project: designing the UI for a new office hours system for CS students

Pashin, Headshot.png


I am a junior at Stanford studying Symbolics Systems (a mix of computer science, neuroscience, and philosophy). My passion for computational neuroscience and data analysis drives my interest in CS, where I find joy in exploring how technology intersects with the complexities of the brain. When I’m not immersed in school, you can find me indulging in my hobbies, which include dancing, hiking, running, and baking.

Specialty: Neuroscience and CS, AI

Favorite Project: leveraging ML techniques and linear regression analyses to develop a predictive model for memory degeneration based on ocular fixations for earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's



I'm a junior at Georgia Tech, majoring in computer science and originally from Denver, CO. I've swapped mountain trails for Atlanta's cityscape, but I still miss those Colorado hikes and beautiful sunsets (I do not miss the snow). I've been into coding since middle school and love mentoring others in it. I like working with interactive intelligence and how you can predict human cognition using statistical algorithms. I am also interested in the low-level stuff and working with hardware. 

Specialty: AI, Systems, C++, Python

Favorite Project: Pac-Man game that learns as you play. Combining old-school games with AI? Best of both worlds. 



I am a Stanford student pursuing a joint BS and MS degree in Computer Science. I am originally from Miami, FL and I started teaching in high school for my local Girls Who Code club and eventually became a coding instructor with Code/Art, a non-profit focused on bringing more girls into computer science through art and creative coding. This summer, I will be working as a SWE at Khan Academy. I have been teaching for a total of 8 years, and at Stanford since my freshman year. 

Specialty: C++, Cybersecurity

Favorite Project: a searchable directory for Stanford arts students, so that they can share their projects with other students



I am a Stanford senior and coterm student from Accra, Ghana, studying Symbolic Systems and Computer Science. I started from not knowing how to code at all to interning at Meta and Bloomberg. I am interested creating software learning products. I've taught intro CS courses at Stanford since my sophomore year, and I absolutely love helping people discover their passion for coding. I am also a member of Brilliant Black Minds and Rewriting the Code. In my free time, I enjoy watching rom-coms and cooking Ghanaian meals.

Specialty: Web Development, Python, Scratch, Intro Coding

Favorite Project: a culinary companion that allows people to experience authentic food



I am from Roseville, CA and am currently an MS student at Stanford studying computer science, with a concentration in systems/security. I have been a course assistant for the past year at Stanford, helping students learn systems and networking concepts. I have absolutely loved my experience teaching and have TAed many of Stanford systems and networking computer science classes. When I am not coding or teaching, I love playing with my cat, Honey, and cooking. I am also a former competitive dancer!

Specialty: Intro Coding, C++, Python

Favorite Project: building a virtual memory system



I'm a current Master's student at Stanford studying Biomedical Data Science and a Stanford CS alum. I am particularly interested in machine learning applications for medicine and clinical data science. I'm originally from Bellflower, CA and I've been teaching and mentoring for 4 years, including to high schoolers. In my free time, I enjoy climbing, baking, and watching medical dramas.

Specialty: Bioinformatics, Big Data, ML

Favorite Project: a Spongebob themed chatbot that recommends movies based on movies that someone enjoyed watching

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