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IS BUilding bytes suitable for beginners? 

Yes! We teach girls of all ages and are always excited to work with girls who are just beginning their coding journey. 

who are your mentors?

All of our current mentors are top university students from Stanford, UC Berkeley or Georgia Tech who have outside teaching experience. We also offer additional teacher training for all of our mentors to ensure that they are best equipped to help our students.

where do sessions take place?

Sessions either take place over Zoom or in person, depending on where the student and mentor are located. 

what will my student learn?

Depending on the student's interests and skill level, we will find a project that is fitting for the student. Our mentors have outside teaching experience as well as access to internal curriculums developed by our team. We can teach students anything from Scratch to C++, and everything in between. If you're interested in seeing some sample projects, visit our Curriculum page.

What makes building bytes different than other similar services?

Building Bytes specializes in making coding interesting and accessible for girls. Girls have historically been excluded from STEM fields so we seek mentors who can best connect with our students and who can develop curriculums that are most interesting to them. We also work with pedagogy specialists who help us curate learning techniques for engaging the girls we work with.

How can i get more info?

You can schedule a phone consultation here. You can also contact us by using the form below or by emailing at

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