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Empowering girls to unlock their potential through computer science.

Student and Mentor working together
A female student working with a female mentor

Founded by a female Stanford computer science graduate and former university lecturer, Building Bytes specializes in teaching computer science to K-12 girls through personalized, project-based mentorship.

We teach girls how to code in a way that is accessible and is based on their interests, not the other way around. Whether your daughter is just starting to learn Scratch or whether she wants to delve into the complexities of machine learning, we will curate a project-based curriculum tailored to her interests. 


Building Bytes offers the most personalized approach to learning computer science


Community of passionate female mentors who can effectively guide students


We work around your schedule to come up with a program that best suits your needs


Each student will get matched with a mentor based on the student's background and interests. We have a diverse team of mentors to ensure that each student gets to work with a mentor who she can connect with and who is able to support her. All of our mentors are top university students, have outside teaching experience, and are trained in effective pedagogy. 

Sample of student website

Learn About the Solar System

Project by Emma B.

Image of Gruyere sandbox

Design a Playground

Project by Evelyn S.

Deep Dive into Cybersecurity

Research Project by Sloan C.

A female mentor named Naomi
A female mentor named Osose
A female mentor named Clarisse
A female mentor named Yazmin
A female mentor named Star
A female mentor named Elena

All of our mentors are not only incredible teachers, but also phenomenal role models. As a team, we want to inspire the next generation of girls to excel in STEM.

meet the founder

Ayelet Drazen

During my time as a student, I noticed that there were very few girls in most of my computer science classes. Though I loved coding, I was often discouraged by the absence of other girls in the field. I decided I wanted to help change that. By starting Building Bytes, my goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to fall in love with coding!

Here's more about me:

  • MS in Computer Science from Stanford University

  • Lecturer at Stanford University AY 2022-2023

  • 5 years of computer science teaching experience

  • Leadership in teaching initiatives to increase STEM accessibility through National Education Equity Lab

  • Current Google software engineer working in cybersecurity

Image of founder
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